FAQs Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does WSPR receiver need a separate power supply? The receiver requires 5V to operate. The power cable supplied with the receiver has a USB plug on the end and can plug into a computer USB port for power. But some computer ports are very noisy and hinder reception. A separate 5VDC wall mount power supply solves the problem. 

  1. Will WSPR receiver work with an external sound card? Yes. We like the Behringer UCA-202 and ADS RDX-150 as no drivers are needed.

  1. What about my WSPR antenna? Make your antenna one-quarter wave long. For example on the 30m band make the wire 7.5m (24.6 feet). A ground of equal length or longer will help greatly. If you are in a reinforced metal structure put antenna near window. 

  1. Does WSPR receiver have a case? No case is provided as we want students to know what makes receiver work. If you want to make your own case, fine.

  1. Can I download spots even if I’m not a ham? Yes. If you are a SWL or student you are encouraged to be a reporter. Enter your band, maidenhead grid square and name or school. Spots with your name on flag, at your location will appear on the map. How neat is that! See WSPRnet.org